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Wink Digital is an agency that focuses on the crossroads of creativity and user-centricity because we know that any good marketing campaign pushes the limits. We take our clients' success personally. We eat design trends for breakfast. We spend our professional lives committed to making marketing campaigns, from digital experiences to tactile events, more delightful.

As a result, our projects reflect a thoughtful user experience and innovation in design.

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Wink digital's leadership
President • Founder

Every company needs a creative leader – Payge boldly steps into that role for Wink Digital. With a robust background in team operations, creative direction, and project management, Payge Kerman marries the people with the process. Her skill set lies in identifying obstacles, creating detailed solutions, and executing these plans with organizational excellence.

Vice President • CTO

At the intersection of tech and human behavior, there’s Matt. He uses a deep understanding of how people interact with computers to build enjoyable websites and applications. Brands only have seconds to influence new users and Matt is passionate about helping our clients make great first impressions.

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