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Pashmina, owner of Bar & Cocoa, craved a website that married the sophistication of her product with visuals that represented the luxury products she offers. There’s chocolate. And then there’s craft, bean-to-bar chocolate made from the best chocolate makers in the world. Bar & Cocoa is the largest craft chocolate supplier in the United States with over 70 countries represented in the confections they offer. Their approach to chocolate procurement prioritizes and honors the autonomy of local chocolate artisans around the world through direct trade between cacao farmers and chocolate makers.

Our design captured this ultra-elevated approach to chocolate– focusing on every little detail, including custom iconography, maps, and photography. Bar and Cocoa’s website brings together the reliability and speed of Shopify’s APIs and Liquid template language with the magic and power of React and other advanced tooling. This means reactive UX and web-app features, like UI notifications, paginated product searching and filtering, product subscriptions, attention-grabbing UI effects, and other integrations that help guarantee greater customer engagement and higher conversion rates. This site doesn’t just have the juice, it has the sauce, and we all know the sauce is forever.

View the full Bar & Cocoa website here.

NOTE: The website for Bar & Cocoa has since been edited. The design shown on the current site may not reflect our exact work. Please reference images below for examples of design work.

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