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Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery has become the region’s go-to center for weight-loss surgery thanks to its superior, highly-qualified surgical team and compassionate clinical staff. Supporting the surgeons are the registered dietitians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and office staff, yielding a high success rate and has changed the lives of many. 

Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery approached us for a complete overhaul of their website and to create one with seamless functionality and, wait for it, approximately 300 pages. AND, while we would normally have 30 weeks to complete a project of this size, we had a timeline of 9.5 weeks. We love rising to the occasion and accepting (feasible) challenges, though, and this project is no exception.

Have a look at the site and discover more about our approach below.

Our findings during our discovery phase highlighted the original site’s poor performance due to the way it was built. It was riddled with poorly written code from a template, which led to slow loading speed and a somewhat glitchy user experience. This meant that we began the process of building a website from scratch, hand-constructing the code and the custom CMS. 

The overarching, core goals for this project were: 

  • Increasing digital conversions in the form of provider selection 
  • Utilizing engaging, top-quality technology choices, we can create integrated multi-step funnels within the website leading to provider selection and initiation of contact. This will include utilizing fast servers
  • A good-looking, high-performing website that works well on any device
  • A site that focused on interpersonal relationships and genuine connection with site visitors 
  • An uptick in SEO rankings through more modernized and robust server profiles and strategized on-page content
  • Modernizing the overall user experience  
  • To create a site that requires as little maintenance as possible that will be more sustainable in the long run – we estimate upwards of 10 years.

The end result was a sleek, highly-functional website jam-packed with informational yet compelling content that prioritized empowering a person who is considering bariatric surgery as well as creating a connection with them. We also flew to Denver for a comprehensive, 4-day video and photoshoot for new provider headshots as well as patient-provider interaction shots for more personal imagery. Our videos focused on real testimonials from past patients who have had surgery and seen success, as well as provider and procedure highlights.

Additionally, our powerhouse design team assembled a gorgeous new UI kit that veered DCBS away from cold, stagnant, and impersonal branding many people associate with brands in the medical industry and toward a warmer, more engaging direction. This included a fresh color palette, better font combinations, and enticing micro-elements like newly designed buttons and navigation menu elements. 

While this was our largest project yet, given the timeline and correlating scope of work, it was also one of the most fulfilling. It tested our strength and we reigned supreme at the end, launching a fantastic site on time and to-spec. We are so proud of ourselves and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the DCBS team.

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