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MMI Design, an interior designer in the Houston, TX region, has grown her business dramatically in the three years since we worked with her on her first Wink website. Her work is nationally recognized for its transformational nature, and Michel Merz has won awards for 8 years consistently for her spectacular client experience. It was time for the seamless client experience and impressive style to translate to the website… and so we began.

Wink worked with MMI Design to create an architecturally-inspired, thoughtful website using clean lines, a minimal color palette, and lots of high-quality images to entice users. The site also focuses on preserving the integrity of the images, by ensuring minimal cropping, quick loading (even for high file sizes), and appropriate consideration to the flow of image placement.

The result is a site that speaks to the high-end nature of MMI Design’s creations, as well as her streamlined approach to business. This website has quickly become a Wink fan-favorite for its clarity and overall aesthetic marvel.

View live website here.

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