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Luckily, Justin of Piquant Post reached out just in time to get his site finished before Black Friday. The spice subscription box of our dreams (really), Piquant Post offers hand-selected spice blends paired with show stopping recipes to drool over.

Their old site lived on Cratejoy, an entry-level subscription platform that stops short in user experience when Justin decided to level up and offer one-off products. His Cratejoy shop also had a Wordpress CMS for his blog (maybe the best part of the site - recipe ideas galore), meaning his shop and stores were in two locations and on two platforms. Not ideal for a thriving business.

We worked our magic to reimagine Piquant Posts' place in the world and develop a website just as delicious as the subscription box. Bold colors, an international flavor, and sharp design that makes it easy to browse and shop subscriptions or just a spice. We built our own custom recipe app that allows him complete control of his entire blog in the same place as his customers and order. Oh — and we built a custom scheduling app that syncs our gift database to alert MailChimp when to send the gift email.

Behind the scenes, Piquant Post runs on Shopify, and under the frontend hood an advanced development stack allows rich extensions of Shopify’s built-in template language. This means a great user experience on all devices and clean, on-brand integrations with the apps and services that make the biggest impact on sales, like newsletter signups, advanced searching and filtering for products and blog articles, product and recipe reviews, user accounts, and customer subscriptions.

Dinner is served.

View live website here.

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