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When Events at Hunt & Gather approached Wink, they had just moved into a new luxury event space in downtown Portland. Because of the pandemic, most events had been put on hold, and this was their opportunity to look closely at what was working and not working on their website. Wink Digital executed a full audit of the existing Hunt & Gather assets, and the biggest discover was that the website was a major source of issues. Being built on Squarespace years ago, it was operating on a "starter" level. Hunt & Gather exists in a world surrounded by lavish events and exquisite celebrations; their website was not supporting the essence of their brand. Aside from not exuding confidence and competency, their website was scoring poorly for SEO. Their performance scores were low, their competitors were outranking them, and their new location had no opportunity to shine. Wink Digital took those pain points and directed them into actionable goals. Within 3 weeks of launch, their website's average Google ranking went from 62 (7th page) to 23 (3rd page), and we continue to see daily progress. We are also pleased to present the new luxury website for Events at Hunt & Gather.

View live website here.

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