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Our Favorite Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

Holidays in 2020 look a bit different. Here are some of the businesses we love that make it easy to shop online.

November 25, 2020

Our Favorite Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

Holidays this year look a bit different. Maybe you're farther than usual from loved ones, maybe your employment situation isn't quite as stable as it was last year, maybe you're seeking a way to show those you care about that you really care by picking something special for them. Whatever your financial situation and geographic location, you're likely feeling the holiday spirit hit a bit differently this year.

So, in support of other small businesses hoping to survive the impacts of COVID-19 shutdowns, we've put together a list of our favorite small businesses to support, in a few different categories. Of course, some of these websites are ones we have designed and developed, or companies we have done the marketing strategy for. The following brands marked with an asterisk are projects we are proud to have a hand in.

Black-Owned Businesses

Amor Más Luxury Scents*

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Okay... we could not possibly love these scents any more than we do. We constantly have a Camden diffuser in our office bathroom, and the whole team has had the opportunity to infiltrate their houses with the sweet, spicy, warm scents of Amor Más. Payge's favorite: Napa. Darius's favorite: Soho.

We developed this custom ecommerce website for Amor Más.

Stella & Haas

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We dare you to find more beautiful, modern jewelry designed at an extremely reasonable price-point. With $100, your style is leveled-up, and you're guaranteed to look like a badass. Our favorites: The Kimpton ring, The Kamala necklace.


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When you combine colors, patterns, and social-consciousness, it's a win-win-win. We love ethical brands, and Sikaa does a wonderful job combining high-fashion and kind business practices. Our favorite: Christine Paisley Floral Print Gown.

KlasE Shades

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Summer may be over, but for mountain-lovers and snow-birds, these sunglasses will seriously up your game. The glasses look and feel expensive, but come so affordably, it's hard not to splurge and get all of them.

Best Gifts Under $30

RB Soap Co.*

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Rhiannon's soaps can only be described in one way – decadent. When you use an RB Soap Co. soap, you feel the attention, love, and effort Rhiannon puts into every bar to perfectly execute the scent, texture, and shape of each bar. Simply lovely.

We designed and developed Rhiannon's website, blog, and shop.

Note: Rhiannon does one launch per season, and is usually sold out of ALL inventory in 2 hours. Her holiday launch is December 1st at 7am PST. Set your calendars now!

Bar & Cocoa*

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Chocolate is a stocking stuffer that is never under-valued. There's a flavor for everyone, and Bar & Cocoa makes it easy to shop for any flavor, any maker, any cacao origin. So, if you have a chocolate lover in your live, treat them to bean-to-bar chocolate that will make their tastebuds sing!

Wink Digital designed and developed this custom Shopify website.

Piquant Post*

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For the flavor-fanatic in your life, this is the all-time best gift. Purchase a subscription for a friend, family member, or partner that allows them to taste the world from their own kitchen. With authentic spices curated from around the world, plus recipes that help you put the spices into action, this gift box is truly worthy of a chef-kiss. *MWAH*

We designed and developed this custom Shopify website and built custom Shopify apps.

Bijoux Ceramics

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We love Bijoux Ceramics because of the skilled asymmetry often included in their pieces. Jules creates everything by hand, and is always open to collaborations and custom pieces. Also, have you seen the beautiful pencil holders and planters in our office? Those are thanks to Bijoux Ceramics!

Sensory TheraPlay Box*

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Sensory TheraPlay Box is the perfect gift for the hardworking parents that are also playing homeschool teacher this year. These toys are designed to help kids self-sooth, regulate, and focus. And for the adults you know that are fidgety or high-anxiety, check out Sensory Box.

We manage Facebook ads for Sensory TheraPlay Box.

Gifts between $30 and $100

LaurieAnne Art*

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LaurieAnne's beautiful high-quality canvas art prints are nearly indistinguishable from her originals– the color, the depth, and the texture are all so deeply cared for. For anyone who has a soft spot for warm palettes and stunning landscapes, these prints are perfection.

We developed this custom Shopify website. We also manage the advertising for LaurieAnne Art.

Botanica Floral Design*

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If you're in the Portland metro area and/or have a loved one close by, Josef at Botanica Floral Design can hook you up with some truly stunning blooms. His arrangements are full of body, texture, and unexpected elements.

We designed and developed this custom website using the Shopify API.

Maelu Designs

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For the lover of patterns and colors, Maelu Designs is a no-brainer. The owner, Meghna, is one of our neighbors here in Portland, and she has created this lovely brand in order to bring traditional Indian artisan techniques to American style.

Vegan Brands

KVD Vegan Beauty

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For fans of color AND saving animals, check out KVD Vegan Beauty. With stunning lipstick and lipgloss colors, both natural and bold, there is something here for every beauty lover. Payge's favorite: Technicolor Crayon Set.

Shoofly Vegan Bakery

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Shoofly fits into some of the categories above, too, but we wanted to highlight these sweets especially because they are vegan and delicious. Their desserts are decadent, moist, and always the perfect mix of sweet and salty. For anyone who is skeptical of vegan desserts, this is a great treat to eat on Thanksgiving that will definitely not make you miss the pies made with lard.

Lark and Ives

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These adorable little purses are made from vegan leather, but don't sacrifice any of the beauty or allure. The Card Purse is our favorite because it's a stylish way to carry around business cards, while still protecting their corners.


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Yes, yes, we know... Tea is vegan by default. BUT, as tea lovers, we want this featured on the vegan list because it is a great gift for the vegan or tea lover in your life. Pick from one of their premade blends, or make your own.

We designed and developed this custom Shopify website.

As we think of more brands that we love for holiday gifting, we will add to this list. In the meantime, happy shopping + stay safe.

Written by Payge H. Kerman, President

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