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The Importance of Good Photography for a Website

Stock photography is out, and custom, branded photography is in.

June 10, 2022

The Importance of Good Photography for a Website

In the world of website design and development, stock photography has often been the go-to when it comes to photos on a site. While it’s very convenient to use beautiful, professional images without copyright infringement when you don’t have the budget to take your own photos or hire a photographer, this can be detrimental in the long run. Join us as we go through the importance of good website photography, regardless of the kind of site you have. 

Communicate your story visually

Looking to stand up against your competitors? Stand out with your photography. The imagery on your website is a core part of any visual content marketing strategy where you’re looking to creatively communicate your brand to your audience and gain their trust. Seeing stylized photos of the products you offer will entice your audience to explore more and hopefully make a purchase, and seeing professional photos of your team members will make your site feel more personal. The importance of good website photography ties in with telling your brand’s story in a professional, aesthetically pleasing way. Also, remember that us mere mortals are actually quite simple — we like pretty things. If your site has beautiful photos on it, we’re likely to stay on your site to find out more. 

Strengthen your authority  

Public perception of websites will automatically place more trust in a site with professional, personal photos than those with stock images. Additionally, stock photos have been used so often from the same sites that there’s a good chance they’ve seen the same image more than once on multiple sites. If you’re in the medical industry, hire a professional to take staged photos of you interacting with a patient or of the unique technology you use. The same goes if you’re selling a unique wellness product — send a few samples to a photographer to take styled photos based on inspiration you found on Pinterest. Whatever field you’re in, own it with gorgeous, eye-catching website photography that communicates to visitors: “This company is legit.” 

Boost SEO and user experience

Did you ever think that SEO and website photography could be linked? SEO now prioritizes the overall user experience more than ever. Well-displayed photos catch the eyes of visitors and get them clicking — keep in mind that thing about first impressions. Clean and professional photography makes your online presence appealing and enticing to visitors and having a great user experience like this will increase their incentive to hang around and continue engaging with your site. There’s a huge difference between the impact of a high-resolution photo with the right subjects and composition than that of a blurry iPhone photo — one will encourage a user to keep clicking, the other will make a user scroll right past and possibly bounce from your site. Good photography means more web traffic and therefore an uptick in your ranking — Google will be stoked and so will you. 

We know the importance of good photography for your website — we’ve seen the reactions from our clients and subsequently their customers, both existing and prospective. TRUST US when we say this is a worthwhile investment and not something you should skimp on. Let’s chat about our photography services to amplify your site!

Written by Gabi Bellairs-Lombard

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