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Wink's June Playlist

June has come and gone, and left nothing but a trace of sweet songs to remember it by. One of our favorite things to do as a team is curate a playlist of our favorite songs from the month. And, as content creators at heart, what better to do than share it with you?

July 1, 2020

Wink's June Playlist

One of our favorite things to do as a team is curate a playlist of our favorite songs from the month. And, as content creators at heart, what better to do than share it with you?

Take a listen here:

Let's talk about the songs:

  1. Juice by iyla // This song's undeniably groovy beat is perfect for a design jam. Listen to this as you're designing websites, structuring your code, or driving into work for a feeling of invincibility.
  2. Chances by KAYTRANADA // When this song came humming softly through the office speakers, we couldn't help but to nod our heads and feel the beat wash over us. Because the lyrics are nothing to write home about, this song makes a perfect back beat for any sort of document-writing you may need to do.
  3. Hands Free by Keke Palmer // This song would definitely be playing at Club Wink. With its nod to dancehall and R&B, it's a perfect song for when you need a little team dance break.
  4. Intentions by Terrace Martin Presents the Polyseeds // This song's infectious back beat and harmonies makes this a perfect energy-building song during design time. Note: you will want to sing along, so this song is not a great song to listen to while typing. ;)
  5. Tequilawine by Olivia O'Brien // What song could possibly be more appropriate for a team happy hour? This song's medley of upbeat moments and slow verses creates a song suited for just about any time of the day.
  6. Good Life by Morgan Westbrooks // Morgan Westbrooks' song is the perfect song for winin' and dinin', as she says in the song. We love this song during lunch time, design time, or when needing a little fun in the office. A feel-good song sure to bring some movement to your day. Body rolls are encouraged.
  7. Diddy Bop by Noname // A smooth R&B song can get all of us in a focused groove. We love this song for the lyrics, the easy-to-hear beat, and the catchy chorus. Listen to this song when you're needing to get your creative juices flowing.
  8. Summer Feelings by Charlie Puth // Welcome, summer! There is no song more applicable to the month of June than Summer Feelings. We love hearing this song as a warm-up to the day, as we make our way through emails. This song is guaranteed to start your day off right.
  9. Running on my Mind by Ali Gatie // A new-age R&B song that incorporates unexpected sounds to create a state of melodic bliss. This song is perfect for the end of the day, as you need to push through a bit more work.
  10. Floating [filous remix] by Alina Baraz, filous, and Khalid // Floating is the perfect song to get you in the mood for work. Whether singing it in your car on the way to work or dancing to it at your desk, this song will make you excited for what's ahead in your day.
  11. Juice by Lizzo // We know... there are TWO songs on this playlist named "Juice", but don't worry– they have such different vibes that you will definitely not get them mixed up. Lizzo's Juice is a feel-good anthem. This song is a perfect last song to listen to as you close the office for the day and have a little dance party with your team. We also love listening to this during client photoshoots because it gets everyone having a little more fun.
  12. Billy by DRAMA // A smooth, seemingly slow song makes a perfect coding jam. The beat helps keep you moving, while the lyrics blend nicely into the background.
  13. Level Up by Ciara // Who doesn't love a little Ciara to throw you back to the early 2000's. We love this song for team dance parties, during product photoshoots, and when everyone's needing a little pick-me-up.

Written by Payge H. Kerman, President

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